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Colleen Ferris, Director

Mrs. Ferris has been COSLP's director since 2001.  Prior to that was involved with the school as a board member, a book keeper, and as a member of the original task force that proposed starting the preschool.  Having worked in other preschool programs as well, she has more than 25 years of experience in early childhood education.

Mara Bogdanski, Toddlers and Twos Class

Mrs. Bogdanski joined our staff in 2015 and she is a wonderful addition. Her son is a past graduate of COSLP so she is very familiar with our program. Cheerful and loving, Mara is a very calming influence making our youngest students feel welcome and secure in their classroom

Renee Keane, Toddlers and Twos Class

Mrs. Keane had been substituting at COSLP for some time and happily took a staff position when it became available. She began as an assistant and has now been leading this busy group with lots of fun and laughter since 2015. She has particular talents for preschool crafts, and for making children laugh, laugh, laugh.

Lynn Fletcher, Three Year Old Class

Mrs. Fletcher has been teaching at COSLP since 2006.  She is a certified Godly Play instructor, and has a Masters in Education from the University of Georgia.  Kind, but firm, she is known for encouraging her students curiosity about the world around them.  

“I love the quote, ‘Children are not things to be molded, but people to be unfolded.’*  Seeing the world through the eyes of children and helping them discover who they are is a wonderful privilege that I’m thankful for everyday!”

Tammy Kendal, Three Year Old Class

Mrs Kendall has been teaching at COSLP since 2005.  She has a real talent for making things fun.  Students particularly love her funny faces!

"I love watching how much the children change and grow as they progress during the year."

Penny Kahley, Four Year Old Class

Mrs. Kahley has been teaching at COSLP since 2001.  Extraordinarily patient, she is an expert at tailoring activities toward the interests and abilities of each individual student.

Lynn Winters, Four Year Old Class

Mrs. Winters has been teaching at COSLP since 1998.  Creative and fun, her slightly goofy personality is perfect for teaching four year olds.

"The children constantly make me smile and I love the unconditional hugs I get daily."

Sara Van Etten, Music & Movement Teacher

Mrs. Van Etten has joined our happy group to lead our young friends in Music & Movement this year. She has been involved with both music and children for many years and we are so happy to welcome her to our happy group.