Pre K 3 & 4's Combination Class

Our Combination  Class has a maximum student to teacher ratio of 6:1.  It meets on 5 days a week from 9am to 12pm.  The three year old's can choose to attend only 3 days a week to begin (Mon, Wed, Fri) and transition to 5 days at a future date if they choose.

Our main goal is to provide a fun, age appropriate, encouraging environment where children develop confidence, independence, and love for learning. Emphasis is given to social and listening skills, letter names and sounds, number names and concepts (1-20), and developing fine motor and pre-reading skills. Children learn at different paces and from different types of activities.  We recognize this and work to give each child what they need to learn and grow.    

The older children enjoy their leadership role with the younger ones as help their friends when they need a hand.  The younger ones learn from watching and emulating the older ones.

Daily activities include indoor free play, outdoor free play (weather permitting), circle time, snack, and center time. Centers vary depending on the themes of the week and the needs of the children, but include math/manipulatives, art, language, fine motor/writing, science, reading and home living.  They are designed to be meaningful and provide hands on opportunities to learn such as observing the Life cycle of the caterpillar to a butterfly during the study on insects.  The class also enjoys Music and Movement, Chapel, and  other special activities.